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Function was held in Jawahar Navodaya Vidayalaya Doddballapur on August 27, 2014 to felicitate Shri Sundaram Shetty (Head Cook). He will surely be missed and We will him all the luck, prosperity and success in future. 














































Hi Friends,

Please find the invite below, Lets get togther & wish him luck. Come one, come all.



  • Did you know JNVD students participated in debate competition and 2 of students made it to the last rounds. This was even telecasted on Local TV channel.
  • Navodaya entrance test and more
  • Pictures from the workshop
  • People registered on this site can write/add articles. We will publish it once the contents are reviewed. Open for ideas\suggestion. Feel free to write anything about navodaya.

Watch this space out for more news.

  • Conducted workshop on productivity(WOW) in vidyalaya's smart room for 32 volunteer students from section VI to XI. Garnered positive response and appreciation. More news on this to follow.
  • Presentation on Hygiene for 8th standard girls.

Stochastic Probability Theory - Pregnant Deer Scenario

What can the pregnant deer do ….as she is already under labor pain ?

What do you think will happen ? 

Will the deer survive ? 

Will it give birth to a fawn ? 

Will the fawn survive ? or 

Will everything be burnt by the forest fire ?


That particular moment ?


Can the deer go left ? – Hunter’s arrow is pointing


Can she go right ? – Hungry male lion approaching


Can she move up ? – Forest fire


Can she move down ? – Fierce river


Answer: She does nothing. She just focuses on giving birth to a new LIFE.

The sequence of events that happens at that fraction of a second (moment) are as follows:

In a spur of MOMENT …a lightning strikes (already it is cloudy ) and blinds the eyes of the Hunter. At that MOMENT, he releases the arrow missing and zipping past the deer. At that MOMENT the arrow hits and injures the lion badly. At that MOMENT, it starts to rain heavily and puts out the forest fire. At that next MOMENT, the deer gives birth to a healthy fawn.

In our life, it’s our MOMENT of CHOICE and we all have to deal with such negative thoughts from all sides always. Some thoughts are so powerful they overpower us and makes us clueless. Let us not decide anything in a hurry. Let’s think of ourselves as the pregnant deer with the ultimate happy ending. Anything can happen in a MOMENT in this life. If you are religious, superstitious, atheist, agnostic… or whatever… you can attribute this MOMENT as divine intervention, faith, sudden luck, chance (serendipity), coincidence… or a simple ‘don’t know’. We all feel the same. But, whatever one may call it, I would see the priority of the deer in that given moment was to giving birth to a baby…. because LIFE IS PRECIOUS.

Hence, whether you are deer or a human, keep that faith and hope within you always.

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